House of the Fishing family Radovljica

House of the Fishing family Radovljica

The Ribiška družina Radovljica was founded in 1953  from what was then fishing cooperative of Gorenjska. 10 members attended the foundation. The Ribiška družina Radovljica today has 150 members including juniors. The Ribiška družina Radovljica unites the members who take care of breeding of indigenous and other fish species in Slovenian waters and who emphasize the recreational joys of fishing.

The RD Radovljica is well aware of the meaning and value of indigenous fish species in Slovenian waters. We are delighted to observe that the quality of our waters still enables us to manage the business of breeding and putting in the first class brown trouts successfully, but mostly we have a large number of breeding streams, where we breed first class brown trouts.

We also have a fish farm, where we grow brown trouts and huchens. We can even grow rainbow trouts for our own needs. In order to preserve the brown trout we forbade its catch, the measure for the catch of grayling has been lifted to 40 cm.

About us

Fishing family Radovljica
Lancovo 7, 4240 Radovljica, Slovenia
IBAN: SI56 0312 7100 0003 108
Tax Number: 52518990

PHONE: +386 (0)4 531 21 68

OFFICE HOURS: Wednesdays from 18:00 to 20:00, except during official Slovene festivities and holidays.