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The waters of the Radovljica fishing club are divided into two districts: district A, which extends from the Cajhen dam to Rakovnik, and district 4, which extends from Rakovnik to the spot where the Tržiška Bistrica joins the Sava river. District 4 includes both the Sava Bohinjka and the Sava Dolinka. Together, both districts are 23 kilometers long.
Every year we release approx. 20,000 young female fish bred in our breeding streams as well as approx. 3000 kilograms of rainbow trout.
In 2013 we will open district Lipnica (from the dam at the factory »Iskra mehanizmi« in Lipnica along the river to the flowing out into the Sava river at Podnart.).
The district managed by the Radovljica fishing club is a haven for fans of wilderness, undisturbed nature, beautiful streams and the grayling.
If you would like to learn more about district Sava 4 and district Sava A please click Rules and Regulations.
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