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Short history about Fishing Club Radovljica!

The Radovljica fishing club was founded in 1953 as an offshoot of the Gorenjska regional fishing company. There were ten founding members. The Radovljica fishing club currently has 160 members, among them 10 honorary members and 9 youths. The club is a registered taxpayer operating in accordance with the law. The fishing club's members breed indigenous fish species, protect the waters and emphasize the fun of sport fishing. The Radovljica fishing club realizes the importance and value of indigenous fish species in Slovenian rivers. We are proud to say that the quality of our waters is still sufficient for successful and economically viable breeding and releasing of river trout. Our fishing club also owns several breeding streams where we breed high-quality river trout. They have their own fish farm where they breed brook trout. These young fish are then placed into breeding streams.

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